Suomen Liivineulomo (Bodicemill of Finland … sorry, a vintage name is almost impossible to translate: Our enterprise was established 1928!) has been the only business In Finland since 2017 sewing custom made lingerie. ... And soon our little two laborer business will be the only enterprise in the world! that sews custom made lingerie for FREE.

As soon as we have 100 000 (hundred thousand) subscribers in our Youtube channel ALL our tailored underwear is "sold" for free. You got it right! All we offer will cost nothing for the customer! As till now, a client continues to have the right to freely tell what they want and need (we don´t have any restricted collections) and we´ll draft, sew and provide the materials – but money is not transfered from hand to another or from account to another. No money is needed. None.

                                                                        How is this possible?

We will serve 4-15 clients per month. This means that we´ll make a both a bra and a low part wear of one´s choice, or a swim suit/onsies/ - or something more complicated like corset or fantasy/fetish costume for four customers during the time of one month - OR alternatively a binder for fifteen clients in a month. Because the queue might grow to be really long we´ll do the following: Every other month we´ll serve clients strictly according the queue and every other month we´ll draw (from the queue) half of the monthly clients and half we´ll pick based on life stories or a special need for a custom made underwear that you hopefully share with us. Thus there is no need to loose one´s hope even if your queueing number is big – your turn might come way faster than you think!

                                                                     How can I enter the queue?

(if you do not have a google account yet) First create yourself a free google account from this link. Then go to our Youtube channel FROM HERE and klick the elliptical, black subscribe button. It is free to become a subscriber (you can subscribe to as many youtube channels as you like – they are all free). Now, as a subscriber of our Youtube channel fill the form below and tell us what kind of underwear you would like to have. Your filled and sent form is your secured place in the queue. We will respond in 48hours and let you know your queueing number.

                                                                                  No hypocrisy but liaison

WE too need help, and YOU CAN HELP us: Even if you wouldn´t need a tailored underwear just now, be so generous and become a subscriber of our Youtube channel. Thank you so very, very much. Becoming a subscriber doesn´t cost anything; not now nor later. Through subscribing you´ll help us to reach a place where we in return can help others (maybe Your Mother, Grandmother, Transperson-friend) to get the most comfortable, and well fitting bra or binder or slimmer they have ever worn or tried on! We have investigated that it´s around 100 000 subscribers we need in order to receive a large enough "salary" paid by youtube so that we continue to be (as we have now been hrough our paying clients) able to pay the rent of our work place and operating costs (electricity, water, heating), material costs (fabrics, threats, boning, ribbons, hooks etc.) and the cost of living of two people and three cats (we are all very, very moderate creatures).

                                                        Will I for real get myself a FREE custom made bra?!?

YES. or as a matter of fact; any other underwear as well. … and now comes the BUT? … no buts … or maybe a tiny one: Because it´s not the number of the subscribers that Youtube is paying us for, but for the views of the videos in our channel, which you – dear subscribers - will ALL be watching, we of course need to create some videos! And them videos we are filming of the sewing process of each of your commissions. SO: Read this carefully: When it is your turn to commission us to draft and sew you an undergarment, we will want to tell - at least the following - about you in the video: Your sex: are you female, male, trans or other, are you an adolescent, adult, middle aged person or a senior – and for last, but not least; what are we making for you! Of course we would love to tell more; some sort of history of your lingerie struggles or wishes or fantasies – and it would be brilliant if you would like to provide as a picture where you are wearing the outfit we have custom made for you! Even a picture with one´s face or tattoos or other identification parts cut of, just the outfit area showing would be great. And if you are exceptionally brave, or you enjoy performing we can travel to film you! as you are trying on your new underwear <- but all this is voluntary. Our minimum requirement is that you´ll allow us to share your sex; are you female, male, trans or other, your age group; are you an adolescent, adult, middle aged person or a senior – and what is it that we are sewing for you.

A little tip: The possibility for getting to be tended rapidly increases greatly, if you have a story or a special need with underwear that you allow us to share in the video we´ll make of your customership.